What You Need to Know About the Louisville International Airport

Are you looking for a low-cost way to fly out of the country? If so, do you live in or around the Louisville, Kentucky area? If so, there is a good chance that you will be flying out of the Louisville International Airport. The Louisville International Airport is known as being one of the area’s best airports, not only when it comes to offering service, but when it comes to offering low-cost travel options. For that reason, if you haven’t already picked an airport to fly out of, you will want to examine the Louisville International Airport and everything that it has to offer.

When choosing an airport to fly out of, you may be worried about the airlines that service it. Although it is a legitimate concern, you do not have to be worried. You will find that the Louisville International Airport is serviced by a large number of well known airlines. Those airlines include American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, Midwest Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Express, and US Airways. Essentially, this means that wherever you are headed, you should be able to find the flight that you are looking for, whether that flight be non-stop or not.

When it comes to flying in or out of the Louisville International Airport, the airport security follows all rules implemented by the Department of Transportation (DOT), as well as the Transpiration Security Administration (TSA). This means that on all domestic and international flights, sharp objects and liquids are banned from your carryon luggage. However, most items, with the exception of flammable or explosive items, are permitted in your checked baggage. Since problems may arise, it is advised that you arrive at the airport, at least, one or one and half hours in advance. If you are scheduled to fly internationally, it is advised that you arrive even earlier, just in case.

As with all other international airports, the Louisville International Airport requires that you have the proper forms of identification. These items are needed before you are allowed to board your flight. It is important to know that these documents tend to vary from those required for domestic flights. Depending on which airline you are traveling with and where you are headed, you may also need to supply your passport, your visa, your birth certificate, or a certificate of citizenship. You are advised to check with your airline to determine which documents are required.

When it comes to parking at the Louisville International Airport, you will find that you have a number of options. If you will be leaving for an international destination, but you need to leave your vehicle behind, you can do so at the numerous long-term parking lots. In addition to long-term parking lots, there are also short-term lots available. If you are being dropped off at the airport by someone who plans on helping you get inside, they can use the short-term parking lots for a reasonable fee. When it comes to paying for parking, the Louisville International Airport accepts, cash, most credit cards, and checks.

The above mentioned information should have been enough to supply with you what you need to know, but if you are looking for more information, you can do so online. You are encouraged to examine the Louisville International Airport’s online website. That website can be found by visiting www.flylouisville.com.